Just Getting Started?

For most users wanting to begin using the MakerSpace, which software to use can be an overwhelming decision. Here are a few recommendations from our staff:




2D drawing:

  • For people who want to use the laser cutters, we recommend Inkscape and Adobe illustrator as a vector drawing program.
  • Inkscape is free and open-source, can do nearly everything the other programs can, and has lots of extensions that make working with a laser cutter much easier.
  • Adobe illustrator is a hugely popular software tool for making vector graphics and photo editing,


3D Shapes:

we recommend Tinkercad and Onshape for beginners and AutoDesk Fusion 360 for more advanced users.


3d printing

We are using Simplify3D fore all of our printers, and you can use it at the Mac near the 3d printers.

CnC Milling:

  • Cambam is a Simple 2D software there i graet for cutting sheets at the Betafactory CNC mill at Sydhavn.
  • Autodesk Fusion360 is the basic cad/cam software we use.