The way we produce is changing. We are approaching the end of a decades-long paradigm where products have been developed in one country, manufactured in another, and sold in a third. This approach has been largely determined by the low cost of mass production in some parts of the world.

With the continuous development of digital production methods such as 3D printers, lase rcutter, CNC machines and open source material is the means of production again become accessible to all.

This means that large companies and organizations that manufacture physical products face the same challenges as service industries have encountered digitization and the Internet. We are confident that the future of innovation in hardware, construction, design and many other topics will emanate from creative people and small groups that can act quickly.

Front runners are responsible - inventors, designers, engineers mm. - Every day pushes the limits of what the new production technology is capable of.

Our wish is to support this development and in turn make local production for a part of Copenhagen.