When using a drill press, insert the drill bit into the collet and tighten it by hand or use a chuck key.

Secure your workpiece in place so the drill can't grab into the material and make it spin around.

Set the right drill hight and stop on the machine.

Slowly apply pressure, allowing the bit to cut the hole through the workpiece.



BOSCH Electronic Drill Press

The high-quality, keyless precision chuck automatically retightens the drill bit. The retaining ring guarantees a perfect hold on the drill bit Integrated laser to assist with drilling: for easy, precise drilling # at exactly the required position. The LED ensures that the work area is well lit Even round workpieces can be fixed conveniently using the quick-action clamp # for an absolutely precise drilling result The parallel guide and the large work plate ensure accurate and safe positioning of the workpiece The rotating wheel with integrated softgrip allows for a controlled, comfortable drilling rate

the old HEAVY drill PRESS

This drill press may be used for drilling steel or just bigger materials . It's set for high torque and low speed.


It's essential to clamp your workpiece before drilling.