Fab Lab equipment are the machines and materials we use to create our wonderful products. While individual labs may differ in the exact brand or models of each piece of machine, they share more in common than they differ.


broken tools

It importen that you report any broken tools or machines immediately to the staff, so we as quick as possible can fix it.

After you have report it, the broken tool have to be place in the black "broken tools" box in the washing room at the back.



    •    Do not use excessive force

    •    Be aware of projectiles that are created when using tools

    •    Do not hammer or strike tools unless they are designed for that purpose

    •    Cut in a direction away from your body

    •    Make sure your grip and footing are secure when using tools

    •    Use the right personal protective equipment for the job

    •    Keep hands behind the cutting edge of sharp tools such as chisels and gouges when  removing materials.