A CNC router is a large and powerful router precisely controlled via computer software. It can cut and mill various hard materials, such as wood, composites, aluminium, plastics, and foams. A CNC Router uses a rotating bit to subtractively remove material from stock in order to shape a part by moving the router through the material in three axis or directions, X, Y and Z, or left, right, up and down. By moving the router in all three directions simultaneously allows the creation of three dimensional and curved parts



For projekts og prototypes do we have these machines:

-GRBL controlled router ( 1200x1800)

- Table cnc  (350x540)

- Homebuild small powerfull router

- Grbl Roland engraver ( 100x180)

And if you want to do produktion tasks were low machine time and high precision in importen, can you use our full sheet Excitech cnc router at BetaFactory in sydhavn.



cnc courses

Check our Facebook stite for more info abort to when we hold the next cnc course or write us a mail if want to book a private group course.