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Maker Meet Up #6: Distributed Design Market

  • UNDERBROEN Christians Brygge 31 1219 København Danmark (map)


Join us on the 6th Maker Meetup and information meeting on the call for designs for Copenhagen Maker 2018 Distributed Design Market

At Copenhagen Maker we want to cultivate and promote this new market and present aspiring designers and inspiring design at our Distributed Design Market at Copenhagen Maker 2018, September 29-30.

With the coming of a more digitized world the way we design, produce and buy products have changed. A global movement of locally based designers focused on good design, smart manufacturing and quality goods is emerging along with a new type of customer wanting to connect with the products they own. This paves the way for distributed design.

Working with digital platforms and fabrication technologies, these designers not only produce their own designs but distribute, co-design and distribute them to be manufactured in fablabs and makerspaces worldwide or by the end users themselves, using local materials in small batches and adapted to the needs of the user.

Distributed design makes way for a new type of designer and emerging local markets connected in a global marketplace of digital platforms, local and connected manufacturing spaces, and skilled makers. 


Do you have a product or design or product fit for distribution? Apply for a spot at the Distributed Design Market and promote your goods to 3000+ potential customers, and 300+ international makers.

We will select 10 designs to be promoted as visionary practice in the emerging distributed design market. The chosen designs will be promoted at Copenhagen Maker and the designer offered a production residency at fablab Underbroen.

Read the full call here: