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Open Lab Wednesdays: Precious Plastics Workshop #1

  • UNDERBROEN Christians Brygge 31 1219, København K Danmark (map)

Open Lab Wednesdays is free for everybody to participate. You can engage with us in three ways:

REPAIR CAFÉ: Every Wednesday we facilitate a repair café where you can bring whatever that needs to be fixed, and we will help you out as good as possible. 

BRING YOUR OWN PROJECTS: Every Wednesday you can drop by to work on your own projects, work with laser cutting, 3D print and electronics and much more. Bring your own materials or buy them from us.

WORKSHOP: On selected Wednesdays we pool in interesting projects and workshops that you can participate in. We have limited seats.

Precious Plastics Machines - Build a shredder #1


On this 2-day workshop we will be building a plastic shredder, following the open source design made by Precious Plastics. 

You’ll learn about the DIY plastic recycling revolution that is happening right now, we’ll talk about the different kinds of plastics, how they can be identified and where they can be found. We’ll look at some examples of how plastic recycling has been used by designers and makers, and then we’ll build the most important machine of them all - The Plastic Shredder!

With the plastic shredder you can turn your plastic waste into useful raw material for plastic recycling - to shred up your old plastic before melting it into something new!

During the workshop we will be in two teams. One team, led by Jesper, will be welding the frame together. If you haven’t welded before this is a good chance to learn, we’ll set up a welding station and have some pieces of metal to practice with, before welding the frame for the shredder!

The other team will be assembling the stainless steel shredding components and connecting them to the motor. You will get a chance to work on both teams as we will rotate. 

On the following Wednesday, we will continue where we left off. There will still be a lot to do! Welding the hopper together, configuring the motor, calibrating the shredding teeth. Come join us and learn to build a machine! 

(As the plastic shedder is a complicated beast, this is a two day workshop, taking place on the 5th and 12th of April.)


This workshop is kindly supported by Indre By Lokaludvalg - A big thanks for making it possible for us to share experiences, facilities and knowledge with all interested and empowered citizens.