DISTRIBUTED DESIGN MARKET PLATFORM: With the coming of a more digitized world the way we design, produce and buy has changed


Maker and Underbroen is a partner in the four-year Distributed Design Market Platform (DDMP) project funded by the European Union through Creative Europe. DDMP acts as an exchange and networking hub for the European Maker Movement and consists of both online and offline activities such as events, resources, workshops, fairs and bootcamps that promote and advocate for emerging creative talent in Europe and their business productivity and sustainability. With events across Europe the Platform also supports the mobility of emerging creatives and their work.

As a project partner, Maker will run open calls for ideas and designs, network events, workshops and production residencies at Underbroen, and finally promote design talent at the annual Copenhagen Maker Festival.

The Distributed Design Market Platform Project runs from 2017-2021.The next open call for ideas and designs is January 2019

For more info, visit distributeddesign.eu/ or contact Stine Broen Christensen, Head of Copenhagen Maker Festival


“A global movement of locally based designers focused on good design, smart manufacturing and quality goods is emerging along with a new type of customer wanting to connect with the products they own. A distributed design approach enables new types of designers and emerging local markets all connected to a global marketplace of digital platforms, manufacturing spaces, and skilled makers.”

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