More than a workshop


UNDERBROEN is tomorrow's prototype and pre-fabrication facility where traditional craftsmanship is combined with modern digital production technologies. It is a meeting place for people with different professional backgrounds and interests via an open source logic that explores and pushes the boundaries of urban local production in a global world.

UNDERBROEN is a creative platform where the creation of specific prototypes, products and innovation processes become the focal point for discussion and development of new solutions for local and urban production.

UNDERBROEN helps Makers to develop and scale their projects in a vibrant, creative and collective environment in the heart of Copenhagen. 

UNDERBROEN facilitates new meetings between Makers, businesses and organizations, as it provides maximum value for all parties involved.


Underbroen congratulates Morten Ydefeldt and Kristoffer Munk with their new company, ChipChop.  


Pictures from the PCB wall that we made for a new exhibition "Smartphonemania" at Danmarks Teknisk Museum

Foto credit: Martin Hayhøst Appel


we work with them


ON the edge of a new paradigm

The manufacturing is changing. We are in the aftermath of a decades-long paradigm where products were developed in one country, manufactured in another one and sold in a third. This approach has been largely determined by increasing consumption, and the low cost of mass production in some parts of the world.

With the continious development of digital production methods, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC-routers and open source hardwares, the means of production have once again become available to everyone. 

This means that large companies and organizations that manufacture physical products have the same challenges as service industries have met with digitisation and the Internet. We are convinced that the future of innovation in hardware, construction, design and many other subjects will emanate from creative individuals and small groups who can act quickly.

The front runners are Makers - the inventors, designers, engineers, etc... - that every day pushes the boundaries of what the new production technologies can do.

We support this development by enabling a space and a place in the heart of Copenhagen where local production, innovation and social and sustainable solutions arise.



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